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Established in 1994, Nuova Unibread has grown from a small operation into a company that boasts a wide range of bakery products to accommodate the ever changing needs of the clients. This growth (+110% over the last three years) has been accomplished through a strategy of acquisitions.

Our main goals are to:

•    bring to the market nutritious, healthy and safe food products at the best possible price
•    build lasting business partnerships
•    promote mutual trust with customers, suppliers and employees


•    We are a lean organization with a short decision-making process, which guarantees flexibility.
•    Direct and effective approach allows us to keep our pricing competitive and offer our customers good value
      for money.
•    Our team is always committed to providing our customers with a friendly, professional and responsive service.
•    Our production facilities offer state-of-the-art equipment and have significant capacity to meet large scale orders.

We operate 3 factories in Northern Italy, each dedicated to a single product or product line.

Our portfolio is composed of 6 product lines:

•    CROISSANTS and other yeast-leavened bakery products
•    Specialty yeast-leavened bakery products: PANETTONE, PANDORO and COLOMBA
•    BISCUITS (Frollini, shortbread cookies, filled cookies, cereal biscuits)
•    Specialty Almond Biscuits: CANTUCCINI
•    Savoury Snacks (TOASTED and FRIED CROUTONS)
•    Fine Artisan Patisserie (local deliveries only)

Nuova Unibread is a family company,
owned by the Tedesco family.